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ASESS Consultancy
Aviation, Show & Event Safety Services where no event is too small or too large because we tailor our services to your needs.
We can offer everything from Risk Assessments or Safety Advice to a full Event Safety Management package, with experienced Safety Officers to check your event and offer friendly and helpful advice, based on common sense, enabling you to deliver a safe environment for all those on site whether they are participating, working or visiting your event.

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Safety Officers

Hi-vis jacket marked "safety officer"Our Safety Officers are experienced and professional. They have many years of Event experience and will be there to advise and assist you as you plan your event. Once the build starts they can be there to undertake dynamic risk assessments and offer advice should any problems or issues arise. The aim is always to provide a solution, not to just ‘flag up problems’. Our Safety Officers are there to make your event happen, not to put obstacles in your way. Some of our Associates are also experienced Emergency Managers and can offer effective tactical advice should there be a serious incident at your event.

Email us today at  airshowsafety@aol.com   or info@saferevents.co.uk  for a free, no obligation telephone consultation, or complete the enquiry form below.

Here to help.
We are here to help you and make the difficult task of running an event, or show, less stressful. Health & Safety should  NOT be about being the ‘fun police’  but should be there to help facilitate your event, just safely! 

First Aid / Medical Cover
We are able to offer individual first aid staff for your events.

First Aid sign on green backgroundIn addition, since 2014, we are now able to offer Medical Cover for some events, either by providing our own staff, for the event build or for small events only needing one or two staff, or by arranging cover through one of a number of providers, ensuring you get the best value, and the best medical cover, for your money. On your behalf, we can discuss your needs with both private companies and the Voluntary Aid Societies and then give you the options, and prices available, so you can make an informed decision. We will also advise you on what cover the Event Safety Guide (The Purple Guide) suggests. We aim to ensure that you comply with the Purple Guide but equally don’t end up paying for services or vehicles that you don’t need.
 The final decision is always yours
Please use this link – Event Medical Cover for more information.

Protecting reputations

injured person being treated on a stretcher
from the Daily Mail

We understand the jargon and aim to de-mystify the world of event safety, safety advisory groups and event safety groups, leaving you clear on your actual responsibilities, both legal and moral, and how they can be fulfilled more easily. This can ensure that if there is a problem, you can provide an audit trail to show that you exercised your ‘duty of care’ and did everything that was ‘reasonable in the circumstances’ to prevent an incident.

If the worst does happen then we can help you ensure that you have the right trained staff there to effectively deal with both the incident and any casualties.


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